ARTEC Engineering manufactures, supplies and exports of innovative and..

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Our Mission

Highly Demanding and valuable to the Millers with better processing of Food Grains ..

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Our Vision

To become No. 1 in the World in quality and expert in product innovation ..

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ARTEC – Expert in Innovation of Rice & Grain Processing Machinery Best Known For


  •  Hard machinery made from high quality material
  •  Registered & certified company
  •  Expert innovation through R & D


  •  Better operator safety
  •  Best Maintenance
  •  On-site installation and support


  •  over 5 years of customers trust
  •  Over 1000+ satisfied customers in India and other Countries


  •  High energy efficiency
  •  Low cost of ownership
  •  High Performance


  •  24X7 services support
  •  Available in State and India for prompt service

Popular Products

Husk Aspirator


As an Industry demanding product, We provide better quality range of Husk Aspirator…

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Whitener Series

ARTEC - Rice Whitener Series

is the best whitener for all Rice Mill…

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Pneumatic Rubber Sheller with Vibro feeder


Trust our reliability of the product Pneumatic…

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